Lucky Loans: Responsive To Customers’ Concerns

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Even when you spent hours and hours of research and study, even when you already made the necessary computations and even when you already received the amount that you applied a loan for, you will still have a query or two about your payday loan

Lucky Loans is a company that not just offers consumers with different financial loans.  They are also responsive to consumers’ needs and concerns in the duration of the loan, for some, as short as 7 days, for others as long as 3 months.

They respond to queries and complaints with as much efficiency that they had during your application process. Please go ahead and check for more information.

General Queries

For queries not related to loan details or complaints, you may send Lucky Loans a message through their website.  You can expect a relatively quick response.

Queries about your Loan Details

For inquiries regarding your loan status, Lucky Loans will advise you to directly contact the loan lender who financed your loan.  Since Lucky Loans is an intermediary of the lender, they are not in the position to answer queries about your repayment schedules, remaining payments, and/or cancellation of loans.  However, the company will assist you by showing you the lender’s loan agreement offer that you signed.


They are also very responsive to complaints.  In a situation when a consumer has complaints for their services, Lucky Loans comes prepared with a comprehensive complaints handling procedure.

You will be directed to a copy of the procedure, which comes with the information that you will need to file a formal complain.

The procedure will ask you to make the following:

1. Describe the nature of your complaint.  Give the reasons for it.

2. Give your opinion on how you expect or want the company to resolve the complain.  State actions that you want to be taken by the company for the complaint’s resolution.

3. State other relevant information that might help in handling the complaint.

4. Send details like your name, address and contact information to Quint Group Limited through snail mail or email.


Length of Resolution

Being a company who values expediency in their undertakings, Lucky Loans expressed that upon acknowledgment of the complaint, Quint limited will act on it accordingly and as fast as possible.

With more complex complaints, the resolution usually takes longer since there will be series of investigations involved.  The longest that you may have to wait for their response is 8 weeks or more or less 2 months from the time you filed your complaint.  Within that period, they will give you their answer to your complaint.  Adhering to the company’s vow of transparency, they will give you a heads up and inform you for any delays in the resolution, the reasons for the delay and the amount of time still needed to come up with a solution. 

In the unlikely event of fraud (like when an individual uses a public computer and becomes a victim of identity theft, making it possible for the fraudster to apply and actually acquire a loan from Lucky Loans), the company will help you by directing you to file a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

How VR can Shape the Future of Education

Virtual Reality (VR) is currently, in its nascent stage when it comes to its implementation. It has gained massive popularity in the field of gaming. Currently, brands like Oculus, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive have introduced VR headsets that are solely focused on offering the users with immersive gaming experience. Moreover, android phones can be equipped as a full head-mounted display to act as VR device. Despite of the highly streamlined utility of virtual reality, market experts believe that it holds potential opportunity to augment the education and learning sector.


The online education sector has expanded rapidly over the past years. The increasing number of consumers in the e-learning sector is quite evident from the reports of Statista and has been projected to grow further in the near future. VR can be implemented in the field of education, training and professional learning to augment the overall learning process of the candidates. Virtual Reality is already being used by different organisations to train their staff members and to give a close-to-reality experience, which has been proved to be quite fruitful.

The concept of experiential learning can be seamlessly implemented with VR technology, while keeping the cost of operation low. Of course, it definitely cannot replace the actual hands-on experience, but it is the closest that it can get. When it comes to learning outcomes, it has been revealed that the VR experience merged with learning can lead to better results. Moreover, students have shown significantly high interest in learning with VR.

Smart classrooms can adopt the use of VR for the student to offer them with enriched audio and visual aids along with an interactive experience. Academic essay writing service providers are constantly looking forward to improve the learning experience of the candidates and the VR technology can be the perfect tool for them. Online courses can be made more engaging with VR, where the students can virtually be a part of class room and can interact with different elements of the interface. This as a result can lead to better understanding of ideas and concepts, thereby improving the overall learning outcome and memory retention. In the future, VR can be used to build virtual classrooms, where the participants or candidates from practically all across the world can be a part of a virtual space and where they can interact with each other and with the tutor as well. Currently, it is just a proof of concept and may take years to make it commercially available. However, the implementation of VR as a learning platform offers significant opportunity to improve the value generation for the education sector.

It should be further stated that virtual reality can also be highly beneficial for candidates with learning challenges. VR can help them to have the experience of learning in a virtual world which can allow them to feel the experience. Research has shown that VR experience of learning can help to boost cognition and memory retention. Moreover, the candidates are able to express better as the learning is taking place in life-like environment.

Presently, the adoption of VR as a learning platform is significantly slow and can be afforded mostly by bigger firms with high financial prowess. However, the fast paced development of VR technology is likely to make it affordable in the near future and should put it among the mainstream learning and training tools.    


Online Training vs On Site Training for Companies


If you are a business owner and you are considering investing in training for your employees, you have probably spent some time trying to balance the costs and figure out whether on-site training or online training makes the most sense.

There are benefits and downsides to both. With on-site training, you need to pay for a trainer to come out, and you will have to worry about expenses such as the loss of time that the employee is spending in training when they should be working (many on-site training courses take several hours) as well as getting enough people together to make it cost-effective.  You will need refreshments for the people on the course, and you will need to block out a chunk of time when you can spare that group of staff members - which could mean closing your store, or hiring extra staff, for example.

With online training, you are freed from some of those issues. You do not need to block book everyone at the same time because the people that you send on the training course can just do the course at a time that suits them. Instead of people needing to do large chunks of time, your courses can be broken up into small units which can be studied over a period of time. You could opt to pay your employees extra if they complete their studies in their own time or you could give them a little time off the shop floor/calling floor/their usual job if they are studying. This could be seen as a perk, since the employee gets a break from what they normally do, and gets to be upskilled at the same time.

Online training works well for things where the employee has some confidence, and where they are willing to put in the effort to do self-study. It does not work so well for completely new subjects or for learners that are less motivated. Many companies use online training for CPD - where an employee has invested a lot of time and effort into acquiring a certain skillset, and is now in a position where they must develop that skillset further or keep it current in the face of changing legislation. Online refresher courses are low maintenance and are a great option for that sort of thing.

Many leading online course platforms have implemented online training for organization by utilising the facilities of their platforms. For example, Coursera for Business and Udemy for Business are positioning themselves as LMS(Learning Management System) providers. This approach helps company being able to outsource their corporate training more effectively. With bulk purchasing, your company can take advantage of this quality online training too. For example, Udemy have the Udemy coupon campaigns that let people and company buying course at high discount rate.

On-site training is invaluable for instances where a person is learning skills that require patience and hands-on use. For example, first aid is usually taught in the form of hands-on courses where the people are required to actually try some of the skills that they are taught - such as making a bandage or doing CPR.   The same is true of manual handling courses. Because you actually need to handle heavy objects in order to learn what the correct and safest way of doing it is, you cannot learn such a thing entirely online.

There is such a thing as blended learning, where people do a little learning face to face, and a little learning online - and this can be a sensible option for people who want to get the most out of their learning without having to spend the whole day in the classroom.

As a business owner, you need to figure out what will work best for your employees, and how you can keep your business going while people are tied up in studies.

Finding a reliable training company is a good starting point. Some training providers offer a combination of blended learning and options for very small group sessions. Others host courses, where you could send an employee for a fee. Since this means that the face to face learning is not on-site, it could offer some cost savings depending on the nature of your business.

Do make sure that whatever training provider you work with is accredited. This is vital for people who are looking to keep their staff trained up for insurance purposes. It would be unfortunate to invest money, and your employee's time, into things that are not suitable for your actual insurance needs, then to have that uncovered at an inopportune moment.

Training Improves Morale

Your employees want to feel like they are progressing, and that is something that they will be better able to do if they are given access to quality training. No-one wants to be stuck in one job for the rest of their life. Giving your employees access to online training that lets them explore their own subject preferences can be a good option. Combine this with on-site training for the most intensive skills, and you will have a highly skilled and highly motivated workforce that will hopefully remain loyal to your company in the long term, thanks to the support that you have been giving them. The investment can pay off many times over.

Advantages of a Magnesium Chloride Bath

Magnesium chloride is an industrially produced salt which has a myriad of applications in a wide range of industries. It is used in the steel industry, in the construction industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry to name a few. Magnesium chloride is also a common salt that people keep in their houses because it has some immense advantages. Whether you Magnesium Chloride powder or magnesium chloride flakes, the advantages are going to be immediate and worth noticing.

It can be consumed orally and people with hypomagnesemia are promoted to do so and it also has various topical applications. But here, we are going to discuss the advantages of a medicinal and refreshing bath prepared with magnesium chloride.


Excretory Effect

Magnesium Chloride has long been known to have an excretory effect on toxins, which means that your body gets rid of a lot of toxins when you are in a magnesium bath. A single bath in an entire day allows you to release all the oxidizing agents and toxins that have been building up in your bloodstream.

Muscle Relaxation

Your muscles need magnesium for proper functioning. It plays a crucial role in producing ATP in mitochondria, and this is the energy currency of the body. Therefore, by consuming or magnesium, you are improving your health and allowing your muscle to rejuvenate every day.

Alternative to Oral Supplements

Magnesium chloride has a lot of health benefits which is why it is frequently used orally. However, using magnesium baths is a better alternative to that. Magnesium baths allow you to absorb considerably amounts of the salt, and this bypasses the gastrointestinal tract which is prone to irritation by magnesium salts.

Stress Relief

Magnesium chloride bath has many rejuvenating and detoxifying qualities. Add them all together and you will get a bath that helps you relax after a difficult day. If you have aching muscles from a day of work, they add to the stress and exhaustion. Having a magnesium chloride bath helps you to relieve that pain by relaxing the muscles, and it enables you to destress.

Good for Children

You have to be careful before choosing bath salts for children because their skin is prone to irritation from many chemicals, however, magnesium chloride is one chemical which is safe for use. It is hypoallergenic, it is soothing to the skin and it really fixes any forms of dryness.

Medicinal Baths

People who are suffering from psoriasis, eczema or other forms of skin conditions need to maintain healthy skin. They also have to apply various ointments to keep their skin moisturized and disinfected. In this regard, a magnesium chloride bath will certainly work wonders. The reason is the magnesium chloride speeds up repair of dry, patchy or damaged skin and it also helps to reduce itching.

Successful Prospecting: A 4-Step Guide

Prospecting is part of everyday life for every business, regardless of size or industry. However, it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle constantly having to find and engage new potential customers. In this overview we'll explore the specific steps you need to take in order to keeps things running smoothly, and share tips and tools to make the process easier and more efficient.

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What Is Prospecting?

Prospecting in basically just the process of looking for new potential customers to target, and the way in which they're moved through the sales pipeline. Although the term is often used interchangeably with 'leads', there is in fact a slight difference between the two; prospects are leads that have been through the qualification process, and been deemed suitable to move on to the next stage. The prospect is already 57% of the way through the sales process before a salesperson even has a possibility to contact him or her.

Prospecting can be done in one of two ways; inbound and outbound. Inbound involves things like warm emailing and targeted ads on social media, whereby you're trying to engage someone who has already shown an interest in your company.

Outbound, on the other hand, is techniques such as cold calling and emailing. While some may consider this the more intrusive option, as long as you do research on your target beforehand, for example through the use of a company intelligence tool, you'll be able to cater your messages to their business and what they need.


The Prospecting Process

The art of prospecting will undoubtedly be easier if you have a solid plan in place that you and your team can refer to before any campaign and use to guide the nurturing process. It needs to involve the following four steps:

Step 1: Ensure They’re Qualified

Carrying out enough background research to get a solid overview of each prospect is imperative to any successful sales strategy. Your marketing team will probably have already qualified the company to a certain degree, but now it's time to make sure that you're focusing on the right targets.

Take a closer look at how the target company runs, what their pain points are and how well they fit your business' buyer persona. Once you're sure that they're able to buy and have a genuine need for your product or service, you can start using the information you've gathered about them to tailor your sales approach to them.

Step 2: Decide Who to Focus On

Not all prospects are created equal; there will always be those who are easier/more likely to convert than others, as well as those who you're anticipating making a higher-value order. It's important, therefore, to make sure you're using your resources in the most effective way, and prioritising those prospects who represent an easier or more valuable sell.

You can do this by implementing a complex scoring system, or a simpler method such as assigning them high, medium or low priority. For example, high priority would be those who strongly match your buyer persona, have a demonstrable need for your product, and has shown interest in your company. Medium are those that partly match your buyer persona, have a need for your product but haven't shown as much interest. Low priority is reserved for those that barely match your buyer persona, do not have a clear pain point and have shown very little interest in what you're offering.

You may also wish to include whether or not you have a direct dialogue open with a decision maker in each company in your prioritising decision, as this can very often mean the difference between getting a sale or just a very drawn out failure.

Step 3: Reaching Out

When it becomes time to reach out for the first time, it's important to make a good impression from the get-go. Ensure that your outreach is personalised to the prospect, to not only have a better chance at engaging them but also to show you have given careful thought to how you can help their company.

Be specific in how your product or service can solve the particular issue they have, but avoid going in for the hard sell. Instead, be personable, focus on building a rapport and show some personality - remember that the prospect is likely to receive numerous sales calls and emails every week, so you should aim to differentiate yourself by connecting on a human level.

Step 4: Analyse the Process

It's vital to take note of how things went after every nurturing campaign so that you're able to keep improving your technique each time. Think about how well you were able to connect with the client, what questions or approach helped to engage them and what ended up wasting time. Once you have this information at hand you can use it to shape your next contact, and ultimately make the process a little more efficient and likely to end in a sale.

But Wait - There’s a Quicker Solution !

If your business is in need for a quick and hassle-free way to add a stream of new prospects to your sales pipeline, the Global Database company directory is ideal. It saves you a wealth of time at the prospecting stage by providing handpicked humanly verified direct phone numbers and email addresses for decision makers in every industry.

You can automatically qualify these contacts by using the filter options to only show companies in a certain industry, location, with a specific revenue or number of employees, and much more. You then have a goldmine of potential customer insights at your fingertips, to create highly-personalised sales and marketing campaigns.

Prospecting can be a long-winded and challenging process, so it's important to have a carefully crafted strategy in place to simplify things. Will there are no guarantees, provided you focus on targeting the right companies and personalise your approach, you give yourself the greatest chance at driving a sale.  

To find and qualify leads in your industry within a matter of minutes visit us at

Mother’s Day Notes

Mother’s Day is all about the most precious and important person in our lives, our mothers, who love us unconditionally and sans pretentions. She is the one woman who makes our worlds go round with a fierce determination to protect us against all the evils that will bring us harm. Every single day she wakes up, she pours her strength, love and care into our wellbeing, and her sole goal is to give us a life filled with opportunities, success and most importantly, love.

Thank you mom notes on Mothers Day

Without our mothers, we would never be able to do anything, the laundry would never get done, our sole source of nutrition would depend on greasy takeout meals, and we would always find ourselves surrounded by fortresses of junk and unwashed utensils. But most importantly, without our mothers, we wouldn’t have that anchor that holds our world from falling apart, and that shoulder that never tires from listening to our rants, not to mention the one soul that never ceases to pray for our success and good health. See a wonderful collection of Mother’s Day notes to Mom here and return the favour in terms of love and appreciation.

Love you Mom notes

So, on this Mother’s Day, delight your mother with a precious note filled with love, appreciation and beauty to present her with words and thoughts that she will cherish forever. Our mothers spend their entire lifetimes taking care of our needs, and we find ourselves struggling for time to make a gesture of love and kindness to show how much we appreciate everything they do for us. Therefore, it is important to seize Mother’s Day as the perfect opportunity to shower her with love and appreciation, and express our gratitude for all the countless moments she was there to care for us, love us, and support us through thick and thin.

With a note filled with respect, admiration and adoration, make her realize how much you love and care for your mother.

Notes for Cards

This Mother’s Day, delight your mother with a love-filled note written on a card. Tell her how much you truly love and appreciate all the big and little things she has done for you. Remind her of all the little instances that make your childhood a place of comfort and cherished memories. Tell her that she is the most important woman in your life, and her unconditional love is your biggest source of comfort.


Types Of Storage Units


Every single person has his own personal demand when it comes to storage facilities. These demands are as a result of what kind of items you want to keep away from your home and the reasons why you want them kept somewhere else.

If you want to build some kind of structure at your home, then it needs a little more space. Be it a shelf, closet or just creating free room. All these can make you want to rent a storage unit.

However, the type of storage unit you will want to rent will depend on which items you have. These units come in sizes and can be rented for certain periods of time, either short or long.

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The following are types of storage units that you can use in storing your things:

Mobile storage units

This type of storage units is usually used to give temporal storage for things like furniture while you want to repair your floors or even carving walls. The companies which offer these services will bring pods to you based on the terms you have agreed, particularly the amount and period of time.

Once they have given you those pods, you can agree with them, so that they can take them and keep them for you until the agreed time. After you have finished your home repairs, the company will then move the unit to where you want to go just like it’s done in some storage units Raleigh meant for both local and long-distance storage.

If you agree with the company, to keep the unit for you, they will keep it safe and restrict it from being accessed by anyone.

Indoor storage units

These storage units are confined in an enclosed area such as a large building with security measures. You will be checked by security before accessing them. Inside the building, you will find small and large storage units. If you have items in the car that you want to be moved out into the building, certain equipment will be provided that can help in the movement to the storage room.

These enclosed units are designed in such a way that they can offer rooms with a controlled climate like some storage units Raleigh, to help in keeping those items that can be destroyed by extreme changes in temperature.

Therefore you will just need to tell management of the kind of goods that you have in order for them to give you a room with favorable conditions.

Drive-up storage

These rooms are of various sizes. There is a variation of height from one room to the next. The doors are like those of a garage. You will need to talk to management for them to tell you whether they can offer garage services or if you can park your vehicle.

Outside storage unit

These are basically outside facilities where you can store things like cars and boats. The outside area has partitions made of wire mesh.

Economy Of Seattle


This is a very beautiful city which is located on the western coast of the United States. It is highly developed and it has its economy doing very well. Within the whole of Washington, it has been shown to be the largest of all. It has been growing rapidly over the years in terms of the economy and it has a very large port which facilitates the importation of goods as well as exportation. This has led to many people venturing into the business. Some of these are retailers who import goods and then store their goods temporarily in storage units Seattle before they redistribute the goods. This has made the business of storage units to grow rapidly in this city. This is because this city being a busy one, there are many activities that take place including businesses and many people who are transferring to this city. It has been shown that the demand for storage units has been increasing year by year probably because there many people who are getting married and they often need a temporary space for various reasons. Also, there are many people who are vacating or even going for retirement. During these transitions, there is always a need for a person to rent a storage unit of choice allowing some time to settle in their current location.


              Seattle economy

There is no doubt that the economy of Seattle is one of the best in this region. It has been facilitated by very many factors including people’s innovation, good transport system and other factors. One of the factors is the storage units, Seattle which has facilitated a lot many business people and even visitors in the city. There are many activities that take place in this city and they include the following:

              Industrial and commercial activities

This city is very developed and it has been shown to have one of the best industries in the region thus contributing to high economic growth in this city. One of the largest company in this city deals with aerospace. There are also many other industries which deal with the manufacture of equipment used in transportation. Other companies deal with food processing while others have taken the lead in the manufacture of products related to technology. This includes products or equipment related to the medical field and other types of electronics. This city also has one of the largest ports which help a lot in the transportation of products and goods between various countries thus facilitating the growth of the economy.

                 Programs that offer incentives

There are many programs which offer incentives to companies which are trying to come up and this helps to lower the cost of production which makes it possible for the economy to grow rapidly. These include offering training to workers and offering tax waivers.

                                        A big port

At Seattle, there is a large port which facilitates the businesses in this region in a great manner. This is because it allows for easy importation and exportation of goods from the country.


Seattle has one of the leading economies in the United States and it has a lot that you can learn from in order to get some of these ideas.

Giving Assistant: Earn Cash and Help Others

If you like shopping online and helping other people, you can never go wrong with Giving Assistant. Giving Assistant is an online site that allows you to buy online and also provide donations to the charity of your choice. Accessing the site is made more accessible by the Giving Assistant Chrome extension which you can easily install on your computer. The site offers excellent things to shoppers and in one place. You won't spend a lot of time online looking for deals as well.

How The Site Works

Before you make any purchases, you’ll have to choose a charity of your choice. You can pick any of the suggested charities as there are tons of them or make a suggestion of your own. The best part of all this is that you are free to indicate the amount of money you want to donate the charity from your cash back.


After you’ve chosen the charity to donate to, you can continue to purchase the commodity you wanted to from an online store of your choice. Selecting such a store is made possible by the Giving Assistant Chrome extension since the extension auto loads all the over six thousand stores and all you’ll have to do is to select your favorite.

Every time you buy an item, you can make up to 7 % cash back on your purchase and so you should ensure that you select the best coupon. Giving Assistant extension comes in handy as it helps you by providing alerts on cards that have freshly been tested and therefore makes you to stand in a better position in decision making.

Why You Should Use the Site for Your Online Shopping

It is always a good thing to give back to the society. Giving Assistant gives you this chance to help feed a person who might be in dire need of your help. It is always a good feeling.

By using the site, one can save money and get it back within a few weeks. It is, therefore, suitable for you to use the site and get the opportunity to save money on the cash earned back from your purchases.

Another reason as to why the site is the best online shopping platform is because one gets exposed to the best services and commodities as the site offers you with a wide range of online stores to choose from and get the item you want.


Anytime the thought of shopping online crosses your mind, make sure that you first visit the Giving Assistant site and check whether whatever you want to buy is available on the site. It is the best place that you will earn cash back and also help the needy by donating to the charity choice. You will even get the chance to increase your savings with every purchase that you make.

Cannabis seeds promotion and how to get them for free

Are you interested in growing cannabis at the comfort of your own home? Then you have made one of the best decisions in your life. You don’t need to go to the pharmacies and spend your money to purchase cannabis. You can simply grow the plants at your own home and enjoy them at your own pace. It’s completely legal to grow marijuana at your home and you don’t need to worry about anything. All you have to do is to get the cannabis seeds needed and get started with it. But before you grow cannabis, take a look at the different types of seeds available.

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Indoor marijuana seeds: Medical marijuana is legal in many states around United States because medical experts have figured out their healing properties. If you possess a license to grow medical marijuana legally, you must be thinking of a convenient option to grow them. It can easily be done by purchasing indoor marijuana seeds from BC Seed King. These high quality indoor marijuana seeds can be used to grow marijuana in your attics, closets and in your basement. No matter what indoor location you choose, these marijuana seeds will promise good returns for you.

Outdoor marijuana seeds: When a person has a diagnosis for which medical marijuana can provide benefit, they will get the opportunity to cultivate marijuana in their own home garden without any trouble. If you have such a license, you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of outdoor medical marijuana seeds, which have the potential to deliver high quality marijuana to you. They have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature changes.

Indoor and Outdoor marijuana seeds: The country is going through some very interesting times today along with the legalization of marijuana. Now people have got the opportunity to consume medical marijuana to get rid of several frustrating illnesses. However, you need to be equipped with high quality marijuana seeds in order to experience the best results out of them. We can help you with that and we have a wide collection of indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds in our store. You can simply go through them and purchase at an affordable price.

Feminized marijuana seeds: Feminized marijuana seeds represent the best genetics and quality of marijuana seeds. These medical marijuana seeds are extremely difficult to produce, but if you can get in touch with them, you will get the opportunity to experience amazing benefits in return. We can provide these feminized marijuana seeds to you at an affordable price and promise high quality cultivation for you.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on purchasing the cannabis seeds as well. You can take a look at 420 free seeds and you can receive all the seeds you want without spending a fortune. You will be impressed with it and it will tempt you to grow marijuana at your home without worrying over anything.