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How to review a product effectively

When a customer visits an online shopping site to purchase a certain product, what is the first thing that they look at? The pictures of the product. However, when it comes to hitting the “buy now” or “add to cart” button, what’s the first thing they look at? The answer is simple: Product reviews.

And that’s the reason why product reviews have become increasingly important to all affiliate marketers these days because it’s crucial to the actual sales of the products that they are promoting.

If you have recently stepped into the world of affiliate marketing and would like to learn how to review products effectively to generate sales, this article is for you.

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while reviewing a product.

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  1. Tell the audiences why you chose to review a product

Nobody wants to read boring reviews which seems like they are written by a bot. You have to engage your readers personally and tell them as to why you chose to try a certain product in the first place. Best products professional reviewing requires you to have the quality of being honest with your readers. So, always tell them as to why you tried a product.  Best Products Pro does exactly that after searching and spending hours on products.

It could be something like “my friend recommended me this product”, “it was very attractive in color, so I decided to give it a try”, “I ran out of my old perfume”, etc. The possibilities are endless. Just be natural.


  1. What was your first reaction when you used the product?

Once again, in best products professional reviewing, you always have to tell the readers the truth. Did you like the look and feel of the product? Were you struck by its color? Was the small nice? Was there anything off-putting about it? Tell your readers!


  1. Would you buy the product again? Why?

Tell your readers why you would buy the product again. Tell them the benefits and write about how this product would replace your old ones. Sometimes, you can also say that you would go back to your old one. The key is, to be honest about your review.


  1. Don’t be over-critical or negative, of course.

You are being paid by the company to promote your product, and although it is fair to tell your readers about a few cons of the product, you cannot be over-critical about it. Readers will appreciate your honesty, but your purpose is to sell them the products. There are no products out there that are completely useless.

So, use your talent, and show your readers how the product is worth buying. But also tell them about the cons, if any. In short, your goal is to highlight the benefits, but also be honest about the cons, if any.


  1. Use lots of pictures

Take lots of pictures of the product. Share videos with them. Take pictures of swatches in case of cosmetics. Wear the clothes and take a picture if you are reviewing clothes.

Always show them. It will give the readers a better idea, and they will also come back to your blog.


How VR can Shape the Future of Education

Virtual Reality (VR) is currently, in its nascent stage when it comes to its implementation. It has gained massive popularity in the field of gaming. Currently, brands like Oculus, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive have introduced VR headsets that are solely focused on offering the users with immersive gaming experience. Moreover, android phones can be equipped as a full head-mounted display to act as VR device. Despite of the highly streamlined utility of virtual reality, market experts believe that it holds potential opportunity to augment the education and learning sector.


The online education sector has expanded rapidly over the past years. The increasing number of consumers in the e-learning sector is quite evident from the reports of Statista and has been projected to grow further in the near future. VR can be implemented in the field of education, training and professional learning to augment the overall learning process of the candidates. Virtual Reality is already being used by different organisations to train their staff members and to give a close-to-reality experience, which has been proved to be quite fruitful.

The concept of experiential learning can be seamlessly implemented with VR technology, while keeping the cost of operation low. Of course, it definitely cannot replace the actual hands-on experience, but it is the closest that it can get. When it comes to learning outcomes, it has been revealed that the VR experience merged with learning can lead to better results. Moreover, students have shown significantly high interest in learning with VR.

Smart classrooms can adopt the use of VR for the student to offer them with enriched audio and visual aids along with an interactive experience. Academic essay writing service providers are constantly looking forward to improve the learning experience of the candidates and the VR technology can be the perfect tool for them. Online courses can be made more engaging with VR, where the students can virtually be a part of class room and can interact with different elements of the interface. This as a result can lead to better understanding of ideas and concepts, thereby improving the overall learning outcome and memory retention. In the future, VR can be used to build virtual classrooms, where the participants or candidates from practically all across the world can be a part of a virtual space and where they can interact with each other and with the tutor as well. Currently, it is just a proof of concept and may take years to make it commercially available. However, the implementation of VR as a learning platform offers significant opportunity to improve the value generation for the education sector.

It should be further stated that virtual reality can also be highly beneficial for candidates with learning challenges. VR can help them to have the experience of learning in a virtual world which can allow them to feel the experience. Research has shown that VR experience of learning can help to boost cognition and memory retention. Moreover, the candidates are able to express better as the learning is taking place in life-like environment.

Presently, the adoption of VR as a learning platform is significantly slow and can be afforded mostly by bigger firms with high financial prowess. However, the fast paced development of VR technology is likely to make it affordable in the near future and should put it among the mainstream learning and training tools.    


Online Training vs On Site Training for Companies


If you are a business owner and you are considering investing in training for your employees, you have probably spent some time trying to balance the costs and figure out whether on-site training or online training makes the most sense.

There are benefits and downsides to both. With on-site training, you need to pay for a trainer to come out, and you will have to worry about expenses such as the loss of time that the employee is spending in training when they should be working (many on-site training courses take several hours) as well as getting enough people together to make it cost-effective.  You will need refreshments for the people on the course, and you will need to block out a chunk of time when you can spare that group of staff members - which could mean closing your store, or hiring extra staff, for example.

With online training, you are freed from some of those issues. You do not need to block book everyone at the same time because the people that you send on the training course can just do the course at a time that suits them. Instead of people needing to do large chunks of time, your courses can be broken up into small units which can be studied over a period of time. You could opt to pay your employees extra if they complete their studies in their own time or you could give them a little time off the shop floor/calling floor/their usual job if they are studying. This could be seen as a perk, since the employee gets a break from what they normally do, and gets to be upskilled at the same time.

Online training works well for things where the employee has some confidence, and where they are willing to put in the effort to do self-study. It does not work so well for completely new subjects or for learners that are less motivated. Many companies use online training for CPD - where an employee has invested a lot of time and effort into acquiring a certain skillset, and is now in a position where they must develop that skillset further or keep it current in the face of changing legislation. Online refresher courses are low maintenance and are a great option for that sort of thing.

Many leading online course platforms have implemented online training for organization by utilising the facilities of their platforms. For example, Coursera for Business and Udemy for Business are positioning themselves as LMS(Learning Management System) providers. This approach helps company being able to outsource their corporate training more effectively. With bulk purchasing, your company can take advantage of this quality online training too. For example, Udemy have the Udemy coupon campaigns that let people and company buying course at high discount rate.

On-site training is invaluable for instances where a person is learning skills that require patience and hands-on use. For example, first aid is usually taught in the form of hands-on courses where the people are required to actually try some of the skills that they are taught - such as making a bandage or doing CPR.   The same is true of manual handling courses. Because you actually need to handle heavy objects in order to learn what the correct and safest way of doing it is, you cannot learn such a thing entirely online.

There is such a thing as blended learning, where people do a little learning face to face, and a little learning online - and this can be a sensible option for people who want to get the most out of their learning without having to spend the whole day in the classroom.

As a business owner, you need to figure out what will work best for your employees, and how you can keep your business going while people are tied up in studies.

Finding a reliable training company is a good starting point. Some training providers offer a combination of blended learning and options for very small group sessions. Others host courses, where you could send an employee for a fee. Since this means that the face to face learning is not on-site, it could offer some cost savings depending on the nature of your business.

Do make sure that whatever training provider you work with is accredited. This is vital for people who are looking to keep their staff trained up for insurance purposes. It would be unfortunate to invest money, and your employee's time, into things that are not suitable for your actual insurance needs, then to have that uncovered at an inopportune moment.

Training Improves Morale

Your employees want to feel like they are progressing, and that is something that they will be better able to do if they are given access to quality training. No-one wants to be stuck in one job for the rest of their life. Giving your employees access to online training that lets them explore their own subject preferences can be a good option. Combine this with on-site training for the most intensive skills, and you will have a highly skilled and highly motivated workforce that will hopefully remain loyal to your company in the long term, thanks to the support that you have been giving them. The investment can pay off many times over.

Get the best video editing software and application from internet

Do you want to get the software with the help of which you can make your videos awesome? In these days people are interested in making videos of different formats and styles. If you want to get the video editing in your own unique style, then you need to edit the video with the help of these features. If you want to get the best video editing software, then you will need to download the software from Google play store. This app won’t use much of your storage.  

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  • Reverse option

If you want to reverse your video, then this feature will be very helpful for you. You can enjoy the funny videos with the help of reversing option of this tool.

  • Change the speed

Sometimes, it happens that you want to slow down or increase the speed of the video but it is not possible with regular video players. You can easily change the speed of the videos with the help of this feature.

  • Remove unwanted noise

There are various sounds which come along when you record a video. If you want to remove the unwanted noise from your video for enabling the listener to hear the filtered sound, then you can use this unique feature.  

  • Colour adjustment

It is not easy to make a video in the colour theme of your choice. Sometimes, you shoot a video in the day and you may want to apply the night theme to it. If you want to add different colours to any video, then this option will be best for you. You should download the best video editing software from the internet.

  • Add multiple music tracks

You can add various multiple music tracks while editing a video. Music plays an important role in the making of a video. If you want to make a simple video much more interesting, then you need to add a little touch of music to it and see the magic.

  • Record the screen

You can record the clip of a video with the help of this application. Recording the screen was not an easy task in earlier days but now it is very easy to use the feature.

  • Play different clips at a time

If you want to make a video with different clips playing at the same time on the screen, then you need to use this feature of playing clips at a time. It is a very helpful feature if you want to make creative videos.

  • Crop the video & blurry background

You are free to crop the videos according to your choice and you can also blur the background with the help of this software.  

  • Export videos

Exporting videos to the desired format has become easier with the help of video editor tools. You can export your video to the desired format like GIFs and Mp4 format.

These were the fantastic features of these soft wares. You can download any of the nice software to edit your videos in a better way and feel a great experience and joy.

How to choose the best phone according to your needs is easy with this guide and comparatives

The mobile phone market is one of the most saturated with a multitude of brands and manufacturers that are constantly renewing their catalogs of smartphones with continuous evolutions so to put a little order, go discarding obsolete models and taking into account the latest additions , In Xataka Móvil we have compiled the main models by organizing them in different comparatives that we will keep updated in this post. A place where you will find all the characteristics of the phones, specifications, video analysis, advantages that make each model stand out and its prices, ordered according to different needs so that finding the best mobile for your needs is much easier thanks to a guide and Comparatives that go beyond comparing the different models, putting in perspective each smartphone to see how it fits within a particular range or brand.


Guide to buying new mobile phone

Beyond the price, it is convenient to take into account our real needs in the daily use that we can expect the new phone in the short and medium term so that, if nothing prevents us, we can squeeze the new smartphones as hard as possible . For this, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:

Size and type of screen : it will be one of the main elements that should help us to start discarding models. Currently, the standardized screen size is around 5 inches, although phablets (or large-screen smartphones with at least 5.5 inches) continue to gain ground. There will also be phones with screen below 5 inches although they are becoming less common and it is important to note that although they have a smaller screen, it does not always mean that their dimensions are the tightest as some models with greater diagonal screen use Better the front of the phone and end up being smaller despite having bigger screen . When viewing the screen, the resolution (qHD, HD,

Power and performance : In the daily use, the processor, the RAM and the operating system will be the main responsible for that the operation of the telephone is more or less fluid and will be directly proportional to the exigencies that we make. For Whatsapp, facebook and some other basic application, we can settle for simpler processors while if we want games applications or more complete applications, it is advisable to opt for mid-range or high-end processors . And if we also want to be more efficient in energy consumption and processing speed, the high-end will be the most indicated.

Since having a more core processor does not guarantee a better performance since many other factors intervene as the architecture used or the size of the SoC, we will leave you with the main processors ordered from worse to better performance : Mediatek MT6735, Snapdragon 210 , Mediatek MT6753, Snapdragon 415/430, Mediatek Helio P10, Snapdragon 616/617, HiSilicon Kinrin 650, Mediatek Helio P20, Snapdragon 650, Mediatek Helio X20, Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820.

As for the operating system, iOS is one of the great advantages of the iPhone since being custom-made hardware, they achieve excellent performance without needing a hardware as powerful as we are accustomed in Android. Inside Android, the experience can be very different since each manufacturer usually personalizes it with an intermediate layer that sometimes is too heavy, affecting to the fluency, although the marks also have been learning of its errors and little by little continue tuning with versions each Closer to pure Android that are also ready for faster updates . Android One will be a good choice for cheaper terminals .

Internal Memory : it will be one of the aspects that previously forces us to change phones so it is important to pay special attention as it will be indispensable to be able to install or update applications and to function correctly for a longer time. That the mobile has the possibility of expanding memory using microSD cards will be indifferent since they are different memories and the latter is used to store photos, videos, music or other documents but not so that most applications can be installed. At present, I would only choose 8 GB of memory for whatsapp uses and maybe facebook, but little else.

Camera : As with the processor where not so much the number of cores but its configuration, in the cameras of photos it is advisable to pay attention to the set of specifications that go beyond the megapixels if you want to get a good results. Particularly important are aspects such as greater aperture (f smaller), larger sensor size (better BSI than CMOS and CCD), smaller focal length (smaller, angular), a quality lens or lens (Zeiss Or Leica among others) or have optical stabilizer ( mechanical OIS or software EIS ), focusing speed, HDR,

Other features : In addition to the main factors, attention should also be paid to other specifications such as the 4G category (which will grant faster modem speeds ), fast battery charge availability, reversible USB availability, fingerprint reader , the water resistance , improved sound speaker and headphone, or designs to legir including preferred metal or plastic.