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A complete overview of pot seeds

Buying Cannabis Seeds UK or for that matter buying any of the cannabis seeds has never been easier. This is because now there are endless varieties and each variety has distinct characteristics. Thus, it is necessary to know about the seeds before buying or even trading the cannabis seeds.


Where to Buy?

The cannabis seeds are also referred to as pot seeds and are now available to buy from the seed banks online. You can find these seed banks in the UK, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. It is available here as the laws on the cannabis seeds selling are relaxed here in comparison to other countries.

If you wish to place order for the seeds belonging to the US companies or even with the companies that are within the United States, there is a chance it will not be permitted by the US border protection and customs. However, you can always buy the seeds at the dispensaries from the state that have the provisions of home growing as per the laws of medical marijuana.

Cannabis seed legality

The legality of cannabis seed varies with each state. So, depending on the place you live, you should buy the seeds, knowing if it is legal or not to sell, buy or even possess the cannabis seeds.

In the United States, it is considered illegal to have cannabis seeds unless they are sterilized at the federal level. However, all the state laws permitting medical and recreational cannabis seeds growth are technically breaching the federal regulations. Conversely, if you have a license to grow recreational or medical cannabis seeds in one such state, then you can follow the codes applicable and also consider it legal to have, acquire or hold the cannabis seeds.

The seed banks in other countries have the permission to sell for souvenir purposes strictly owing to the legal codes specific wording.  The US Border Protection and Customs seizes even if cannabis seeds are found to be shipped into the US in packages.

 What is High Quality Cannabis seed?

  • There are many factors that determine if the cannabis seeds are of high quality or not. Basically, they must grow to become fully mature prior to harvesting.
  • They should be stored properly so that it does not acquire pathogens or mold to spoil them. This means you must store the seeds in a cool, dark place and use it within a period of 16 months or keep it in frozen so that it is good for future use.
  • Important factor refers to the genetics determining the seed quality. Good quality cannabis requires best genetics. Thus buy from reputable retailers or seed banks.

Why are they Expensive?

Generally, Cannabis seeds are expensive and so people are mostly shocked to get a 10 cannabis seed pack for the price that is more than $100. The main reason is the prohibition and the risks involved.  Cannabis breeders working in strictly regulated legal or prohibited environments take longer time such that it takes decades to produce quality seed line.

Tanzania Safari and the Ngorongoro Crater

The Tanzania safari in the Ngorongoro Crater is highly exciting and the duration of this safari is 6 hours. The Crater will be open from 6AM to 4PM and safari permits area available either for 6 hour game drive in the morning or for 6 hour drive in the afternoon. The Lerai Forest and the Ngiotokitok are the two famous picnic spots in this place. The Ngorongoro Crater is in North Tanzania and about 2.5 million years ago it was a volcanic mountain of the size of Mount Kilimanjaro. After the collapse of the mountain it became the largest unbroken caldera. Elephants, rhinos and buffaloes can be seen while standing on the rim of the Crater.


Olduvai Gorge

The famous Olduvai Gorge is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The theory that man originated in Africa was proved here only following the discovery of the remains of the “Handy Man” by Dr. Louis Leakey and family. The many other fossils that were discovered in the Olduvai Gorge include the fossils of elephants of prehistoric times, huge ostriches and giant horned sheep. The footprints of 3 million years old humanoids have also been discovered here. During the Tanzania safari trip one can visit the interesting museum at Olduvai Gorge where actual artifacts and replicas which were found at Olduvai Gorge are exhibited.

Wild animals

The dense wildlife areas of the Ngorongoro Crater make the Tanzania safari here highly exciting as well as adventurous. There are about 30000 animals in these forests. Throughout the year water and fodder are available in plenty here and as a result this is an ideal living place for a wide variety of animals. Ngorongoro Park teems with buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, eland, warthog, hippo, huge elephants, aggressive hyenas and black rhino. This park is known for its dense population of predators including lions, cheetahs, leopards and jackals.

Unique photography as well as viewing experience

The Tanzania safari in the Ngorongoro Park is one of the most ideal occasions for photography and viewing of wild animals. For the photos that are shot here, the steep walls of the crater provide a unique and impressive backdrop. The visitors will be busy with taking the pictures of the various animals which are very tame. They are well habituated to the safari vehicles. Taking pictures of the animals is very easy here since they move in the open land.

Lake Magadi and the Lerai Forest

The size and spectacular beauty of Ngorongoro Crater are incomparable and it is even considered as one among the wonders of the world. There are three main Tanzanian safari routes to visit the Crater and return. The main road to descent the Crater is on the north-western part and the road to ascend is on the southern side. The large and shallow alkaline lake Magadi is in the south-west corner of the Crater and in the lake one can see flamingos, hippos and many other water bird species. The Lerai Forest is in the south and this is an ideal location in the Park to view animals like elephants, swamps, flitting sunbirds and waterbuck.

House Flipping; Know the Must-haves to ensure success

 A common fact rightly assumed by many people is to buy a house, apply fresh paint, clear bushes aside and resell for a profit. This process is referred to as house flipping, but actually, it is not this simple. If so, everyone would get going with this simple procedure.

There are quite a few skills that each potential flipper should have as the must-haves to enter into this process and to succeed in this effort.


An expert group

There is a need to consult an expert group while considering house flipping. You must consult individuals who are aware of flipping houses construction ramifications, accounting and legal procedures. The flippers role is to renovate a home and sell it at a profit rate. However, it involves approval to be received from a bevy of experts, right from an attorney, a real estate agent, a renovator or contractor, a home inspector, an accountant and an insurance agent, saying the work is completed efficiently and on a timely basis.

A Handyman

The truth is that the handy people mostly make good money in buying and selling homes.  They step in and lend a hand when there is a constraint of money or time. They concentrate on small things like installing a countertop, changing a sink, doing plumbing or electrical work or roof shingle. There is a need for a handyman to complete small jobs without which obtaining occupancy certificate many be difficult.

Clarity about the Land

The buyer must know about the property details before buying, such as a number of rooms, home type, etc. It is also important to know if there will be future development before buying so that it gives an idea of the demand in this area.

Fine Estimator

The house flippers buy and resell a property at some profit. Before selling it, the flipper does some cosmetic or structural changes to make it appear alluring to the next buyer. Thus, the flipper cannot afford to underestimate the refurbishment costs or she or he may face monetary losses. There is a need for good experience to handle such nuances.


A mount of patience is required. Generally, buyers get attached emotionally to a property and this compels them entering into a contract on below favorable terms. On the other hand, savvy flippers stay away from emotional purchases. Definitely, patience pays and the con is that it is not an easy virtue to hone and teach.  If you lack patience, you are certain to lose money in this process. You may practice and you will see patience is valuable.

Bottom Line

Becoming a house flipper may appear to be an attractive suggestion, ensure to invest in the above-mentioned must-haves and learn the art of saving money. In case you fail to buy a home, it is important to secure a good interest rate by mortgaging the property or home. Taking house flipping as a job or a business of choice may appear to be a simple task, but there is a need to hone yourself to see your skills yielding results.

Safe, intelligent and alluring-Audi A4 is one of a kind

Safe, intelligent and alluring-Audi A4 is one of a kind

Audi, the name and brand says it all; we often connect Audi to a luxury ride. Over the years Audi have grown to become people’s first choice from various angles. It stands at top of all Small Luxury Cars. We often tend to associate roaring car engines to high performance, but the 2017 Audi A4 proves us wrong. With its silence features it has become one of the top priorities for people who keep it low and quite. You hardly hear above 63 decibels even at 70kmph, which is an excellent satisfaction to the people who desire such noise free cars.  Now many of you may still wonder if should go for it or not. Well, yes to that, Audi A4 is one of the most emanate luxury small cars. This is the reason it tops as one of the most desired car by the majority. The high-end design and the rich quality materials make this sedan certainly one of your best buy. The mechanism is unquestionable, with a four cylinder based engine, Audi A4 provides satisfactory acceleration. The handling is great if not compared but, Audi A4 significantly stands out as one of the greatest luxury cars with high potentiality. During some uneven rides Audi A4 proves to be the best as the Audi Drive Select System allows you to adapt your ride to the environment and your current state. 


Space and comfort

Audi A4 may seem like a complete handbook manual but it is as easy as peeling peas. It is fun and simple; anyone can get the hang of it with a few rides.  And not just that, Audi A4 is not as expensive they are buyers friendly and go easy on your wallet. The interiors are exclusive with minimalistic designs and seats are comforting and great. It is a five-passenger sedan with ample of rooms on front and rear as well. The easy, spacious front seats are great for any driver as it provides a good amount of visibility. The rear seats also provide enough room to stretch your leg and toss and turn, or be in any position you want, overall conclusion they are very comfortable.


Tech-savvy features

Audi A4 comes with MMI system with navigation and the new improved designs lets you use your fingers to write on the touchpad. This Sedan also includes Apple Car Play, Android Auto and USB ports which is quite a satisfaction to the tech savvy people. The other arrays of luxury features include HD and Satellite radio, 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. It also connects with Wi-Fi hotspot, which is a great feature as the internet is important under any circumstances.

Safety measure

The safety status of Audi A4 is content; it is one of the safest cars you can buy. Audi has gone through all the car crash tests and the results are brilliant. It is highway safety and does a great job in safe driving as it can recognize traffic signals and pre-installed Collision Avoidance Assist helps to alert the driver on pre-collision.