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How to review a product effectively

When a customer visits an online shopping site to purchase a certain product, what is the first thing that they look at? The pictures of the product. However, when it comes to hitting the “buy now” or “add to cart” button, what’s the first thing they look at? The answer is simple: Product reviews.

And that’s the reason why product reviews have become increasingly important to all affiliate marketers these days because it’s crucial to the actual sales of the products that they are promoting.

If you have recently stepped into the world of affiliate marketing and would like to learn how to review products effectively to generate sales, this article is for you.

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while reviewing a product.

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  1. Tell the audiences why you chose to review a product

Nobody wants to read boring reviews which seems like they are written by a bot. You have to engage your readers personally and tell them as to why you chose to try a certain product in the first place. Best products professional reviewing requires you to have the quality of being honest with your readers. So, always tell them as to why you tried a product.  Best Products Pro does exactly that after searching and spending hours on products.

It could be something like “my friend recommended me this product”, “it was very attractive in color, so I decided to give it a try”, “I ran out of my old perfume”, etc. The possibilities are endless. Just be natural.


  1. What was your first reaction when you used the product?

Once again, in best products professional reviewing, you always have to tell the readers the truth. Did you like the look and feel of the product? Were you struck by its color? Was the small nice? Was there anything off-putting about it? Tell your readers!


  1. Would you buy the product again? Why?

Tell your readers why you would buy the product again. Tell them the benefits and write about how this product would replace your old ones. Sometimes, you can also say that you would go back to your old one. The key is, to be honest about your review.


  1. Don’t be over-critical or negative, of course.

You are being paid by the company to promote your product, and although it is fair to tell your readers about a few cons of the product, you cannot be over-critical about it. Readers will appreciate your honesty, but your purpose is to sell them the products. There are no products out there that are completely useless.

So, use your talent, and show your readers how the product is worth buying. But also tell them about the cons, if any. In short, your goal is to highlight the benefits, but also be honest about the cons, if any.


  1. Use lots of pictures

Take lots of pictures of the product. Share videos with them. Take pictures of swatches in case of cosmetics. Wear the clothes and take a picture if you are reviewing clothes.

Always show them. It will give the readers a better idea, and they will also come back to your blog.


What’s the Difference between Press Release and Press Statement?

Press releases and statements are the pre-prepared material and are considered as some important tools of EMB media relations. As they are easy to use, pre-prepare documents which help the media in running correct news on time and can either be published or broadcasted in the form of large sections or as a whole by media organizations, they prove to be advantageous for EMB because they provide a satisfaction regarding the intended transmission of the message.

It is very important to understand the difference between press releases and press statements as they both have different meanings, but many organizations makes a mistake by using the terms conversely. For the announcement or an update for new information or for transmitting news like statistical data, lists of candidates, or lists of polling sites, a press release is used where as on the contrary, for transmitting a reactionary statement i.e. making a public comment by EMB, a press statement is used.

There are varieties of channels through which Press releases/statements can be transmitted. For instance, fax, delivery by hand, email, post, or Media Centre notice board. Moreover, Press conference plays a very important role in it as it ensures that the information documented is accurate and just.

A balance should be maintained by the EMB Media Relations Department in issuing press releases and statement otherwise various consequences might be seen. Firstly, the press release and statement issued more in number with less significant information will affect the media in such a way that their interest will be lost and they will be seen no more interested in the information when it actually arrives. Secondly, the press officers will have to face a bombardment of questions. The EMB Media Relations Department should highlight the importance of maintaining a balance, during their consultation with the media as they can provide them with good advice on how much information should be transmitted by EMB and how much is already being transmitted. For more information, you can refer to the Consultations with Media and Relevant Stakeholders section.

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Writing a Press Release/Statement

To understand the amount of information consumed by the audience and the channels by which they ‘tune into’ them, it is very important to have an experience press officer having knowledge about journalism and training. In most of the countries the style of “inverted pyramid" is adopted by the trainers to train the journalists. According to this style, the start is taken from a broader topic or a lead paragraph and is then narrowed down in sequential paragraphs holding essential details. This technique helps in making the information clear to the reader in an effective and short way without losing its essence. An effective press releases and statements should also be written in the same way.

In addition to it, an effective press releases and statements should be to short and to the point, written in an easy, story like language having no jargons.

Writing a press release/statement in the form of news story also helps in keeping a written record of it. There is a chance that such writings might either be included in a print article or broadcasted on media. Moreover, this provides an ease to the editors of poor countries as they get an instant, well-written copy of it.

In this article we described about the press release and press statement used by EMBs. However, Press release, press statement, media release, press announcement, news release etc are some other terms used by the trainers, sometimes interchangeably or separately depending upon the size, information, timing and various other factors.

How to Get Famous on Instagram Using Services From Instant Famous

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that allows its users to follow one another, share photos and videos, and like these posts or photos.

While the casual user finds it to be a fun way of sharing their photos with their friends, for a business owner, it is something that they cannot afford to avoid because it is actually a potential marketing goldmine. When it comes to marketing, platforms like Instagram have the ability to take your business to amazing heights in seconds and make you famous on Instagram. Not only is this marketing technique easy to use, it is also offered for free. A simple click of the button can get you connected to a wider range of audience. This is exactly the reason why most business owners today resort to using the various social media platforms for marketing their businesses.


Today, Instagram has become one of the most commonly chosen social media platforms by business owners to market their products and services. By having large numbers of Instagram followers, it is possible to attract more customers to your business and increase your sales. Becoming famous on Instagram is not a very easy task, which is why many people choose the option of buying followers. Instant Famous is a social promoter with more than half a dozen years of experience that helps businesses get promoted on social networks by allowing them to purchase likes and followers. The greatest advantage of becoming famous on Instagram is that you will be able to improve your business brand as well as your image. Your potential customers will also find you more credible and trustworthy.

Why do You Need to Buy Instagram Followers?

As mentioned before, building a huge follower base in Instagram is not only difficult but also a rather time-consuming job. For small businesses, however, this is not an ideal method because they are better off investing their time, money and energy in the operations. So a quick, effortless and effective solution to increase the number of followers and become famous on Instagram is to buy more followers. The following are some of the reasons why buying Instagram followers is a necessity:

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  • Compared to traditional advertising methods, buying more Instagram followers is a less expensive option.

In this digital era, social networking platforms have totally changed the way that people connect and interact with other each other.  Instagram has become really popular within a short period of time. It has gained millions of followers and many business owners are using this app to reach out to a large number of customers. You don't have to be a celebrity to become famous on Instagram. Purchasing Instagram followers will help your account in getting a big boost and in attracting more followers without much effort and hard work.  All you have to do is to seek the help of a highly trusted and reputable social promoter like Instant Famous to assist you in getting Instagram followers and in boosting your business.