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Tanzania Safari and the Ngorongoro Crater

The Tanzania safari in the Ngorongoro Crater is highly exciting and the duration of this safari is 6 hours. The Crater will be open from 6AM to 4PM and safari permits area available either for 6 hour game drive in the morning or for 6 hour drive in the afternoon. The Lerai Forest and the Ngiotokitok are the two famous picnic spots in this place. The Ngorongoro Crater is in North Tanzania and about 2.5 million years ago it was a volcanic mountain of the size of Mount Kilimanjaro. After the collapse of the mountain it became the largest unbroken caldera. Elephants, rhinos and buffaloes can be seen while standing on the rim of the Crater.


Olduvai Gorge

The famous Olduvai Gorge is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The theory that man originated in Africa was proved here only following the discovery of the remains of the “Handy Man” by Dr. Louis Leakey and family. The many other fossils that were discovered in the Olduvai Gorge include the fossils of elephants of prehistoric times, huge ostriches and giant horned sheep. The footprints of 3 million years old humanoids have also been discovered here. During the Tanzania safari trip one can visit the interesting museum at Olduvai Gorge where actual artifacts and replicas which were found at Olduvai Gorge are exhibited.

Wild animals

The dense wildlife areas of the Ngorongoro Crater make the Tanzania safari here highly exciting as well as adventurous. There are about 30000 animals in these forests. Throughout the year water and fodder are available in plenty here and as a result this is an ideal living place for a wide variety of animals. Ngorongoro Park teems with buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, eland, warthog, hippo, huge elephants, aggressive hyenas and black rhino. This park is known for its dense population of predators including lions, cheetahs, leopards and jackals.

Unique photography as well as viewing experience

The Tanzania safari in the Ngorongoro Park is one of the most ideal occasions for photography and viewing of wild animals. For the photos that are shot here, the steep walls of the crater provide a unique and impressive backdrop. The visitors will be busy with taking the pictures of the various animals which are very tame. They are well habituated to the safari vehicles. Taking pictures of the animals is very easy here since they move in the open land.

Lake Magadi and the Lerai Forest

The size and spectacular beauty of Ngorongoro Crater are incomparable and it is even considered as one among the wonders of the world. There are three main Tanzanian safari routes to visit the Crater and return. The main road to descent the Crater is on the north-western part and the road to ascend is on the southern side. The large and shallow alkaline lake Magadi is in the south-west corner of the Crater and in the lake one can see flamingos, hippos and many other water bird species. The Lerai Forest is in the south and this is an ideal location in the Park to view animals like elephants, swamps, flitting sunbirds and waterbuck.

Three Basic Things in Any Chalet Courchevel

Courchevel has a history that dates back to 1850s. The destination is filled with a wide range of hotels that range from four-star to five-star to Palace-status. The talk about Courchevel will remain incomplete without the luxury chalets. You will come across some of the world’s priciest holiday accommodations here! For example, you are likely to come across places that charge 1,000 per person for a night. With this being said, here are few important elements every luxury chalet in Courchevel should offer. Make sure these basic things are present to make your stay comfortable and interesting.


#1 Magnificent Layout

First of all, the chalet should have a magnificent layout! This is an important feature that differentiates normal chalets from the rest. Luxurious chalets have eye-popping layouts. These properties are extremely spacious and can accommodate plenty of people. This means, your family members, friends and colleagues would fit into the property comfortably. There are several different types of luxury chalets in Courchevel. These properties work to make your stay pleasant and intimate. You will be able to establish a very close relationship with the mountains. From huge indoor swimming pools to outdoor areas to living rooms to multiple bedrooms to sparking bonfires, luxury chalets are loaded with many relaxing and entertaining features.

#2 Impressive Location

Chalets are often built in impressive locations. Fascinating chalets and striking locations are considered to be synonymous. Unless the property is found in a stunning location, calling it luxurious is of no use! It really doesn’t make any sense calling the property luxurious if it is not present in the midst of snowy mountains. Luxury chalets are meant to offer spectacular views. These chalets can be accessed by skiing or through long walks in the woods! These properties are meant to give you a never-like-before holiday experience. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

#3 Exquisite Amenities

Moving on, luxury chalets in Courchevel offer a wide range of exquisite amenities. Your holiday experience and comfort zone depends on the kind of amenities offered by the property. It is always wise to choose properties with many interesting amenities. If you want a fireplace to sit and relax during chilly evenings or a spa session to soothe your mind, the luxury chalet must be able to provide you everything. Most luxury chalets Courchevel have spa units, Jacuzzis and personal chefs! These services make the property a luxurious one!

(Well, all chalets may not provide you with everything. That is why you should check if they offer at least basic amenities like personal driving, valet parking, housekeeping, ski lockers, babysitting and much more.)

The Verdict

Every chalet Courchevel is special in some way or the other. No two properties can be same. The holiday accommodation will have a unique set of layout designs, built in a striking location and nurtured with an intuitive range of amenities.  Regardless of how long or short your vacation is, it will be a pristine holiday experience!